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What is the registration process?

  1. Use the contact form on the home page to let us know you are interested.

  2. Plan a visit with the director.

  3. Application process including a survey and family interview.

  4. When it is time, submit registration fee.

  5. Choose classes for students and teachers.

  6. Sign all required documents.

What does the daily schedule include?

We meet one day a week in person. The day begins with an assembly and chapel time. There are three class periods in the morning. There is an hour of recess and lunch. The afternoon has two more class periods for electives.

Chapel Time

Chapel attendance is REQUIRED for ALL students and staff. This is a time of meeting together as a community, relaying information, and beginning our day in prayer and God’s Word. We encourage students to lead our closing prayer. If your child is interested see Shannon Patrick for sign-ups. 


We encourage families to print the hymns and Bible verses to memorize them together at home. You can use them for copywork, dictation, draw pictures, create motions, and make-up songs to aid in memorization. Teachers are encouraged to post the monthly verse in their school rooms as well. 

* Our Hymn, Folk Songs, Art, Composer, Nature, and schedule is loosely adapted from Ambleside Online. 

Dress Code

Students are required to wear:

  • khaki or navy dress pants, skirt, long dress shorts, or pants.

  • polo shirts in any solid color

  • closed toe shoes

More details about the dress code are included in the handbook that is provided to all new families.

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