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Chapel, Enrichments and Parent Resources

This year during chapel, we will be looking into the Armor of God verses in Ephesians 6, getting to know more about wonderful early church fathers and mothers who were alive during this time period of rich church history that we are studying in the Middle Ages.

As a larger family in this cooperative, we are looking together at enriching topics of art, poetry, hymns and songs to gaze on beautiful things together. Some students are enrolled in the Enrichments classes, but other families can add these along at home as they have time together. We are providing a roadmap through the semester of the studies that we will do together and at home in these areas. Most of this is set out by Ambleside Online homeschool curriculum which you can explore more on their website.

Megan has also put together some resources to help moms and dads be enriched more fully through the semester as we read together.

Here is a three page print out where you can follow along with the memory verses, hymns and songs, poetry and other additional resources that you can add at home.

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