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Assignments - 3/17

Burgess Sea Creatures (PreK-K, 1st-2nd) Homework ch 33-34

Sci - Marine Biology

History/Writing (8th-9th), History/Writing (10th-12th)

Swimming Creatures (3rd-4th)

read pages 173-178 in the textbook. Draw and color a sea star. See page 174. Find or create a poem, song, short story, etc. about a sea star and copy into your nature journal. We will share these in class.

Swimming Creatures (5th-6th)

For this week's assignment, please read pages 173-178 in your text, and complete the rest of the worksheets that were given out last week. There should be one on the octopus, nautilus, and the chiton. I believe you should draw or cut a picture to paste onto the worksheet and write a few facts in your own words about each.

Kind Kingdom (1st-4th)

Reading this week- Prince Caspian- ch. 9-12, Our Island Story- ch. 63-64, Shakespeare- Twelfth Hour: or What You Will


Bring 2 pictures of themselves for class next week or you can send me the pictures on Facebook and I can print them


Drama class received some more lines this week! Practice, practice, practice! As you are reading through, let me or Megan know if you feel like it’s too much to memorize for your child.

Middle School History

All students should bring the poster board square back to class! Homework this week is to finish reading Crispin and work on their coat of arms. I went through missing assignments with each student personally so if they have work to make up, they should be able to tell you what it is.

IEW Medieval:

Students should use Lesson 22 to write two paragraphs about two virtues. See page 188 for more! Please see your email regarding Unit 8, which we will begin on March 24!

IEW Fables

*Please note change to syllabus* Choose lesson 23, 24 or 25 to write a 1 paragraph paper summarizing multiple references. Use checklist for lesson 25 regardless of which lesson they use for their topic. See email for more info.


Read chapter 16. Complete the section at the end of the chapter entitled Learning from the Masters (in which you will watch the final arguments of the debate you started last week and outline them), pgs. 166-167. Read chapter 17. We are also going to start preparing for our big debate of the semester. See email for more details.

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