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Assignments Due 2/10

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Kind Kingdom (1-2nd, 3-4th)

Reading for this week- Our Island Story- ch. 53-54 The Horse and His Boy- ch. 10-13 Shakespeare- Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Kind Kingdom ( 5th-6th)

Read Our Island Story Ch. 53-54, The Horse and His Boy Ch. 10-12, Shakespeare for Children- Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. If they weren’t able to do research on the black plague they can work on that this week as well.

Swimming Creatures (3rd-4th)

This week’s homework is to read pages 141-148. Choose one mollusk to draw in their nature journals and label. Then write 3-5 facts about it. Mom- if you have a struggling writer feel free to do the fact writing for them. Students are always encouraged to bring in items related to the lesson that week if they have them. I realized I have the exact shell on page 145.

Burgess Sea Creatures

IEW Medieval

*Students should use Lesson 17 to write a one paragraph paper. Choose one topic to write on and make a fused KWO. Next week, students will choose a second topic to write about.

*Complete the checklist on page 154.

IEW Fables

See weekly email from Kristy Scalise.


Homework this week- read chapters 8 and 9, completing the section entitled "Learning from the Masters" at the end of BOTH chapters. You will need to watch segments of a debate found here and then fill out the questions regarding the arguments you watched.

Swimming Creatures (5th-6th)

• Write facts about crabs, shrimp, krill, barnacles, horseshoe crabs, and trilobites in the boxes on the mini-book pages given out in class. Cut the completed pages out and stack and staple them under the blocks on lobsters and crayfish and Crustaceans cover page from last week • Read pages 141 – 148 of textbook.



Read and work through 1/2 of Module 11- complete OTO questions 11.1-11.4. Listen to lecture 11a and complete appropriate Practice Problems.

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