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Assignments due 2/3

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Swimming Creatures (5th-6th)

• Yellow Mermaid's Purse flapbook: Cut this out and fold over, and write about a "Mermaid's Purse" inside the flap. It is enough to simply write "shark egg case" but additional information is fine. Glue this into folder #2B. (Emailed photo.) • Booklet 1: Crustacean Anatomy. There is section to record information about each body part: exoskeleton, head, legs, abdomen, and hind. The cover sheet is a crab on pink paper. The other parts will be cut out, stacked, and stapled under the pink crab after they finish writing. Glue this into folder # 3B. (Emailed photo.) • Booklet 2: Label the Crustacean. Label and color it and cut it out around the border and glue it to the back of any one of the four current lapbook folders. There is a diagram to go by on page 123. The lines for part labels are NOT one letter per dash. • Booklet 3: Crustaceans This is also for homework. They will record interesting/important facts and/or drawings in the boxes for lobsters and crayfish. I have more pages to add to this booklet next week, so they should NOT cut it out yet. Just write in the boxes and bring it back to class intact. • Continue to update vocabulary flaps in folder #1B. • Read pages 128 Crabs to page 138 in textbook. • Students may choose to color mini-books as desired.

Kind Kingdom (5th-6th)

Homework- Read Our Island Story Ch. 50-52, The Horse and His Boy Ch. 7-9, and Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I also added an assignment I think they might enjoy but two of them may have left before I announced it, so this might be new information for them🤣. We read about the black plague a little bit in our history book and I thought it might be fun if they researched it a little bit and compared it with the Covid infection. They can share their research findings in their sketchbook and be prepared to share in class next week! Let me know if you have any questions!


Read chapters 6-7. Work through the section at the end of both chapters entitled, "The Big Debate", listing arguments for and against gun control per Wikipedia at the end of chapter 6, and listing 7 sources related to the resolution listed at the end of chapter 7. I’d also like each student to prepare at least 3 written arguments for the affirmative side of their given topic (below) and 3 written arguments for the negative using the Toulmin model on pg. 35 of their workbooks. They should be prepared to give a 1-2 minute impromptu speech arguing either side. I will flip a coin on class day to decide which side each student will present and we will begin to practice and observe very simply structured debates. Kaitlyn vs. Cora- Children should be homeschooled Joe vs. Josiah- The Government should provide free healthcare Silas vs. Colt- Daylight savings time is necessary

Burgess Sea Creatures (PreK-K), (1st-2nd)

Homework for 2/3: Read chapters 25,26. Most students received the two coloring sheets we passed out, but second class didn’t all grab theirs. I will bring them again so you can put them in your notebooks next week. Plus, we will keep adding sheets as we go.


IEW - Medieval

Use Lesson 16 to create a fused KWO and write a one paragraph paper. Keep going with Fix It! Grammar if you are using that at home.

Chemistry Read all of Module 10, Listen to your lectures, work through OYO, and Review Study guide questions. Watch for email about titration from Module 9.

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