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Assignments for 2/24

Swimming Creatures (5th/6th)

Read pages 149 to 156 of textbook.

Use this time to catch up on any incomplete notebook pages or

mini-books from lessons 7 - 9.

If students have seashells they would like to show to the class, the

next class after break would be an ideal time to bring them.

Kind Kingdom (1st-4th)

Reading for this week-

Our Island Story- ch. 53-54

The Horse and His Boy- ch. 10-13

Shakespeare- Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Middle School Medieval history: Here's your friendly reminder that it

is now the week of Co-op and hopefully everyone has finished their

knights wanted "poster" so they can focus on their Mongol circus ad! I

look forward to seeing it (knights poster) submitted in the google


IEW Medieval: *Complete Lesson 18, which means they will use the source texts in Lesson 17 to write another paragraph

about a topic related to knights.

*Make a fused KWO and write one paragraph. Edit according to the checklist.

*Add this to the first "knight" paragraph.

*Using the bibliographies at the end of the source texts, make a bibliography page that includes the source texts your student used.

Study for Vocabulary Quiz 5, which we will take the next time we meet.

Fix-It Grammar Continue on with the next week of grammar!

Debate: *Read chapter 10, completing the section entitled Everyday

Debate and Learning from the Masters.

*Read chap 11, completing sections entitled, Practicing Evaluating

Causal Relationships, Spotting Fallacies, and Learning from the


*Lastly, (since you have an extra week;) complete the section on page

114 entitled Everyday Debate. Instead of everyone taking the given

topic though, follow the instructions for the subject I've picked for

you below. Like last time, we'll flip a coin in class for who will

argue the affirmative and negative sides of the issue, so be prepared

for either.

Kaitlyn vs. Josiah vs. Colt- Every child should have to do daily chores

Cora vs. True- Everyone should own more houseplants

Joe vs. Silas- Every family should have dinner together.

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