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Assignments from 10/28 (updated)

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Burgess Sea Creatures (Prek-K), (1-2nd) Read chapters 17 &18

Enrichments (1st-2nd) 11/4 we will be reading The Rainbow by Christina Rossetti, and looking at On board a Sailing Ship by Caspar David Friedrich.

Enrichments (3rd-7th) classroom link

History - Middle School (7th-8th) For next week, we begin reading The Adventures of Robin Hood, reading Chapters 1-15. I asked them to write the similarities and differences of what a king looked like in Robin Hood versus King Arthur. Looking ahead, we will look at the characters in this book, with a paper on the character of your choosing due the following week! (Think 3 -5 paragraphs)

History/Writing (8th-9th), History/Writing (10th-12th) classroom link

IEW - Fables "Finish lesson 10 outline and write a 1 paragraph composition (rough and final drafts). Remember to SOME-A-RIZE (pick out 4-5 interesting or important facts from the source text reference and use those). Include topic sentence (What will the paragraph be about?) AND clincher (last sentence should repeat or reflect words from topic sentence)

Use Lesson 10 Checklist to make sure to include all structure, style, and mechanics elements learned to date as well as vocabulary in composition"

IEW - Medieval "This week students should use Lesson 11, Alfred the Great, to write a one paragraph paper. We’re adding the clause! See page 102.

Ask to see the vocabulary quiz they took today!"

Kind Kingdom (1st-2nd), (3rd-4th) - "Our island story 33-36

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe ch. 10-12; Grimms- Hansel and Gretel

Reminder- please remind your kids to make sure their journals are in their backpacks for school. Also, school supplies-pencils, colored pencils, scissors, and glue stick. Thanks!!"

Kind Kingdom (5th-6th) Our Island Story Ch. 33-36 and narration for each chapter, Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Ch. 10-12, and Hansel and Gretel.

Physical Science Read module 8. Perform kitchen sink experiment: fill sink to the height of a can of root beer. Put in a nerf dark, twig, packing worm or other floating item and stir sink counter clockwise until a decent current is developed. Pull drain and time interesting events. Repeat fill and stir clockwise to the same current is developed. Pull drain and repeat observations. Bring to class. What is this effect?

Swimming Creatures (3th-4th)

Read pages 78-84.

Swimming Creatures (5th-6th)

- Write information about Nothosaurs and Mosasaurs on the flap books and glue those into either lap book folder 2 or 3, wherever you have a small space to squeeze them in. (Leave larger spaces open for later use.) - Complete the Venn diagrams on the front and back of the notebook page comparing and contrasting the whale to leviathan from Job 41 and also the crocodile to leviathan. Students may also choose to draw a picture of what they think leviathan looked like. (See textbook page 85 to read about this assignment. I will attach Job 41 to the email.) - Read pages 78 to 84 in textbook.

Marine Biology

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