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Assignments from Nov 4

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

History/Writing (8th-9th), History/Writing (10th-12th) classroom link

Marine Biology link

Enrichments (1st-2nd)

11/11 We will be reading the poem We Thank Thee by Ralph Waldo Emerson and drawing a picture of what the children hear described in the poem. We will also be looking at the painting On board a Sailing Ship and Moon Rising By the Sea, both by Caspar David Friedrich.

IEW - Medieval

Use Lesson 12, The Battle of Hastings, to write a two paragraph paper. This week we’re adding prepositional openers!

IEW - Medieval

Use Lesson 12 to write a two paragraph paper on The Battle of Hastings. Remember to choose a different topic for each paragraph!

Kind Kingdom (3rd-4th, 5th-6th)

Read chapter 37-40 in Our Island Story and do narrations, chapters 13 to 15 and the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. Read sleeping beauty.

Swimming Creatures (5th-6th)

• Record information in the mini-books about Ichthyosaurs, Plesiosaurs, and The Great Deluge. • Read the first half of Lesson 6, pages 87 to 94 (stop at Buoyancy).


Please bring pencil, eraser, and ruler to 4th and 5th period art Thursday. Extra colored pencils and markers or crayons would be a plus too🎨🎨🎨

Middle Ages History (Middle School)

The Adventures in Robin Hood (if you don’t have the book, let me help you find an audio!), looking at it through the perspective of the character of your student’s choosing. Also, map Sherwood Forest, Nottingham, and Portsmouth. (Character analysis is due 11/18) Next week, we will discuss the Battle of Hastings and analyze the question “was Robin Hood right to act as he did?”

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