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Class Assignments due 1/20


Our older students wrote a play last semester, smashing Robin Hood and Sleeping Beauty. They have really worked hard and I'm very proud of them. We will start "auditioning" this week for the roles that we described last week. I have attached a list of 5 monologues. Have your student pick 2 to present to the class. They can definitely read them, but I would like for them to interject their acting personality into it! Every one of our actors and actresses will be playing a big role in this performance!


  • Homework for this week- I'd like for students to watch a segment of this debate: (google the first presidential debate of JFK and Nixon.). This recording is an hour long, but start it at 16 minutes and watch at least 15-20min of it. Think about each presidential candidate- what are some initial impressions you have of each candidate from the way they present themselves?

  • Please read Ch 2 & 3 from Everyday Debate book. Review in preparation to discuss next week.

  • Consider the quote by Pope Benedict XVI- "Love is free; it is not practiced as a way of achieving other ends." What do you think? Is this true? If so, why? If not, why? Take a few minutes to develop (and write down) at least one argument for this quote and one argument against it. Be prepared to discuss in class.

Kind Kingdom 1st - 2nd, 3-4th

Our Island Story- ch. 45-47, The Horse and his Boy ch. 1-3, Shakespeare for Children: When Shakespeare was a Boy, How the Stories were Written, and The Tempest

King Kingdom 5th-6th

Horse and his boy- Ch.1-3, Our island story Ch. 45-47 (we will be doing narrations in class this semester), Shakespeare for children- When Shakespeare was a boy, how the stories were written, and the Tempest. Do a story map on The Tempest. I gave one to the kids in class. Let me know if you have any questions!

Physical Science

Read module 9 for this week. (see longer info about rest of semester reading below)

Swimming Creatures 3-4th

Read pages 112-118. Choose one shark to draw on a piece of paper. List 3-5 facts about this shark. Mom can write for them if they are still struggling with that. Consider this an oral or written narration, so make sure it is in their own words. It also does not have to be a shark from our text if they have a favorite one not discussed in it. Bring the paper to class and we will add it to our nature journals along with our class activities.

Middle School History

We began working on our first piece to include which is centered around a town hall airing our grievances for King John. The students have their draft in their class folders and they could take a couple directions with this, it could be one of three options. a) a flyer for the town hall meeting, b) the minutes of the town hall meeting as they transpired, or c) a synopsis (think opinion piece) of the town hall meeting as seen from someone who was there. This does not have to be expansive or eloquent each one should be 5-10 sentences typed up and submitted, they can get creative with the font and format and should include some Olde English words. Don't forget that students also need to read pp 1-51 of The Magna Charta to discuss next week!

Swimming Creatures 5th-6th

• Read the remainder of Lesson 7, pages 111-118. • Complete the mini-books on rays. Students should draw (or cut and paste) a picture of each type of ray on the appropriate page and also write some facts about the type of ray on the page. • Complete the mini-book on sharks. • Update the vocabulary flaps in folders with new terms. • Supplemental videos: o Stunning video of a wide variety of rays. Watch the spiracle open and close on the cowtail stingray. o Great lesson with incredible video on rays and skates plus some tidbits about sharks and cartilaginous fish. HEADS UP: Includes a couple of references to “evolutionary cousins.” o Informative and gorgeous video for kids about sharks:

IEW Fables

Using Lesson 16, write a story from the pictures. Make a key word outline, test it, rough draft, edit, and final draft to be turned in next class. Students may either do just the first paragraph (from the first picture in lesson 16) or may write the whole paper (combine lesson 16 & 17). We are going to spend a few weeks on this structure so whatever pace works for you and your student, that is fine. This is their chance to be as creative as they want to be with the story- just make sure they include style elements found in the checklist on page 125.

Burgess Sea Creatures

Read chapter 21, 22 for next week. We learned a new song: "The sea is His, for He made it, the sea is His, for He made it, the sea is His, for He made it and His hands formed the dry land" Psalm 95:5 Ask them to show you some sign language. Also, ask them "Which day did God make the seashore animals?" Hopefully they remember the answer....blessings to all and thank you assistants for all of your help swimming to the right class rooms!


HOMEWORK: Sing every day! Stretch your body, stretch your vocal chords... and pray for one another. Becoming an excellent choir requires that we all grow together and learn to love one another, love hearing one another sing, and encouraging one another. It was so nice to get to meet you all today, and I can't wait to see what the Lord does with our group!

IEW Medieval

Students should use Lesson 14 OR 15 to complete a three paragraph paper this week. Also, we'll take Vocabulary Quiz 4 next week!

Physical Science

Assigned reading for weeks ahead to do before class:

1/27: module 10, pages 229-240 2/3: module 10, pg 240-254 2/10: module 11, pg 255-265 2/24: module 12, pg 265-284 3/3: module 12, pg 285-312 3/10: module 13, pg 313-325 3/17: module 13, pg 326-340 3/24: module 14, pg 341-353 3/31: module 14, pg 354-366 4/7: SPRING BREAK 4/14: module 15, pg 367-375 4/21: module 15, pg 375-396 4/28: module 16, pg 396-420 END OF SEMESTER!!

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