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Enrich yourselves!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Here is some information for Chapel this year and some further enrichments we will be doing during Enrichments sections on Thursdays but also what you can join us and do at home.

The focus is The Armor of God!

As we study through the organization of Christianity, the martyrs, the creation of the printed bible, the Chronicles of Narnia, of knights and queens, it is the perfect time in our own history to study how to equip ourselves and our kiddos for following Christ.

Download this document for the following:

  1. extra readings for Christian heroes throughout the time periods we are studying in history. Supplement with History Lives (vol 1-3) and Trial and Triumph. Another great resource is God's Timeline.

  2. Bible Study for mom (those that were with us Year 2 already have this)

  3. Hymn list (ambleside)

  4. Folk Songs (ambleside)

  5. New book by Brooke McGlothlin, who will be coming to speak to us

  6. Live Not By Lies by Rod Drehr - A book for dads (and moms) for navigating current times

  7. Memory Verses

  8. Bible Study on the Armor of God from Priscilla Shirer

  9. Semester Calendar

Here is the printable with information on chapel, enrichments and additional resources.


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