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Last Minute Family Details

Here are some things of note to get things started for tomorrow…

1. Teachers lounge: The room behind the office will be for adults only through out the day. You can have lunch, plan your lessons, chat with friends, etc. This room is for you to build community with fellow parents and hopefully have a space to get things done for your classes. We ask that you be respectful when it comes to phone calls and maybe take those somewhere else. We will start the breakfast sign up again for those interested. We will have the Keurig set up for you in there too.

2. New Schedule below with updated teachers and classrooms listed. Feel free to write your child’s schedule on a 3x5 card for them and and tie it to their backpack. But please know we will have lots of people standing around making sure kiddos get to the correct rooms. If they have the name of the room, adults can help them get there!

Spring 2022 - schedule-6
Download PDF • 73KB

3. Are your backpacks ready with basic school supplies? Are your uniforms set out and ready to go? Do they still fit? Are the lunchboxes cleaned out from last semester or your pizza money ready to be turned in. If not, you’ve got a few more hours to prep! You’ve got this moms!

4. Read Handbook. Please make sure you have thoroughly read through our

(and teacher procedures if you’re a teacher).

Download PDF • 190KB

5. Bible verse memorization will start next week. The list should go up tomorrow.

6. Sick Notice Kids & Adults. Please email Megan if you are sick or can’t come to school. Especially teachers, the sooner I know the sooner I can get the sub schedule made to make sure we have enough staff.

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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