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Mom's Book Club

This May, Ambulare is starting a mom's book club as we read "Charlotte Mason Made Easy" by Stephanie Walmsley. Come ready to discuss with other moms from Ambulare as we learn and are reminded how to integrate Charlotte Mason methods and philosophy into our homeschool and lives. The date of the first book club is May 18th at Megan Carver's house. The book club will meet monthly and discuss a chapter each meeting.

Books are purchased! Please sign up here so we can hand out the books by the end of the semester to have time to read the first chapter by the meeting.

Synopsis: The popular Charlotte Mason Made Easy course is available in book form. A simple-to-follow, easy-to-understand book, which teaches you how to use Charlotte Mason's philosophy in your homeschooling, and helping you to read Charlotte Mason's own work. Topics include Living Books, Outdoor Education, Narration, Good Habits, tools for History and Science, etc. See an excerpt of the book here.

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