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Spring Classes! (updated)

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Here is a list of the available classes for the Spring Semester. Some adjustments to still be made for teachers. Class Descriptions coming soon!

*Pay attention to color coding to see groupings of ages

Important Dates for when families can submit their children's schedule requests:

  • December 12 - Teachers register their kids

  • December 14 - Assistants can register

  • December 16 - Drop off parents can register

Schedule requests/registrations should be directed to the Ambulare directors' email.


For the Spring semester, fees will be going up.

  • Full Drop Off Families (not teaching or assisting): $500/student. Semester is 14 weeks which is $36/week

  • Discounts are offered based on how many periods you teach or assist.

  • Absence charge will be $100 on the 3rd absence of a teacher

  • And we still offer a payment plan with a 5% charge

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