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Valentine's Announcement

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Announcements for our Valentine's Day at Ambulare:

Dress Down Day! Bring a dollar for the Morning Star foundation, and wear red, pink, or white with jeans! Please abide by our normal dress down dress code with no ripped jeans, tank tops, crop tops, or open toed shoes. Donations will go to the Morning Star Foundation.

Valentines treats:

Send cookies or snacks to share with their friends to share! Prepackaged cookies, chips, etc are absolutely fine!! We will provide drinks!

Valentine Exchange: in keeping with tradition, we will set a brown bag with every child’s name on a table during lunch. Typically, we bring Valentines for our first period class, plus friends!! I have put a first period roster in the comments to help you fill out your child’s Valentines. In years past, it has been 6th graders and below that exchanged valentines and the olders enjoyed the snacks and treats at lunch.

Do not feel like you have to participate!! If it adds too much to the stressload of being mom, we get it!

-all valentines will be placed in decorated bags during the students’ lunch session.

-all bags will be given at the end of the day!

-older students will still have a bag, if you want to give someone something in 7th grade, it’s completely ok!!

-goodies and snacks will be distributed during lunch

See roster for first period below.

Rosters for 1st Period Classes

Note: Two little gals are only there in the afternoon, so add Vayda (4) and Oakley East (2) if you can!

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