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Valentines at Ambulare!❤️❤️

We will celebrate Valentines Day on February 16th this year! Please bring Valentines, storebought or homemade either way, for your first period class (and you can bring for your other friends too!) Everyone will get a little something!!

Needed! We need 8 moms to volunteer to make a 9x13 of Rice Krispie Treats for lunch! (Homemade taste way better than store bought!) contact Shanon to let her know you’d like to help. Ask Shannon any questions!

First Period Teachers: Valentine Bags will be available to pick up at the counter that morning and we will fill them in our first period classes, so allow 5 minutes or so!

I have attached a list of first period classmates for you. see below.

❤️We will also have a dress-down day for $1 to support a charity, so look for an update from Student Council on those details!

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