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Assignments due 3/24

Educational Games!

We will be doing an official Show & Tell portion. The only real guidance I gave was it needed to fit in their backpacks and no guns of any kind (nerf guns were asked about). We'll be practicing our listening and question asking skills. I'm excited about what these ones have to show!

IEW - Medieval

Write the introduction and conclusion to the “virtues” paper. Turn in all four paragraphs March 24. Also, remember to choose a person from medieval history to write about and bring your sources to class!

Burgess Sea Creatures (PreK-K), Burgess Sea Creatures (1st-2nd)

Read chapters 35-36. Our focus is sea mice this week. Check out the disgusting video on the Ambulare FB page under Burgess Sea Creatures😳


Encourage your children to memorize their parts! See the Ambulare FB page for details.

Swimming Creatures (3rd-4th)

For 3/24- read pages 178- 183, copy legend of the sand dollar into your nature journal, pg. 183. Draw the following, each on their own page, sea urchin, sand dollar, sea cucumber, write one fact you learned for each of them. Final Project for the year- students will create a poster on their favorite creature from this school year. They will receive a rubric this week and it will be due the last day of classes.

Swimming Creatures (5th-6th)

  • Complete any unfinished mini-books.

  • Draw or paste a picture on the notebook pages on sea stars and brittle stars. Record some facts on the lines provided. (The additional notebook sheets are homework for next week, but may be completed earlier if desired.)

  • Read pages 178 (sea urchins) to 183.

  • Stellar video on sea stars. (For students who also do IEW, listen to how the narrator concludes the presentation by reviewing the main ideas.)

Physical Science - Special Assignment

Students should write approximately a 1 page paper (2 paragraphs) to explain the following: 1st paragraph: What is physical science? Physical science describes the part of creation we can see, feel, hear, taste/smell or observe in other ways—give an example or two. We explain the physical part of creation using models—What is a model? 2nd paragraph: Why is physical science important? A study of physical science helps humanity act as a caretaker for the world—The genesis command. How does engineering do this? A study of creation teaches us about the Creator—What have you learned about God in your study of nature/physical science? Examples learned outside of class are fine here too. Read Module 14, pg. 341-353


Read Chapters 18 and 19.

Start your research/reading on your debate topic. Write down a list of the resources you are going to use in your upcoming debate assignments- books, articles, testimonies, etc. You should have several, for both the positive and negative sides of the issue. Remember that you not only have to present your side of the issue, you also have to be able to rebut your partner's argument, so you will want to know as much as possible about both sides. If you have questions on whether a resource is appropriate or not, look back at chapter 7 for guidance. I will collect this list next week. Also make sure that you have strong, written definitions for the terms within your resolution.

Kind Kingdom

Read Prince Caspian Ch. 13-15, Our Island Story Ch. 65-67 and do narration sheets, Shakespeare for Children: The Winters Tale.


Our final recital song choices:

4th period: Eye of the Storm by Ryan Stevenson

5th period: The Break Up Song by Francesca Battistelli

For the performance, I would like each dancer to wear black leggings and an over-sized t-shirt (any design is fine, but let's go with no words, please). Fitted tanks underneath would be a good addition to ensure that the dancers can move without worrying about any wardrobe issues

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